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    Way Too Opinionated is a podcast and blog from Los Angeles, California that discusses movies, television, video games, comic books and anything pop culture that crosses our minds.


    Scott:  Scott is an art director, writer and comics creator living in Los Angeles. He has been a pop culture maven from a very young age. His very first job was as a manager of a comic book store. He spent several years working in a video store, and yes, we are talking VHS tapes. A student of literature and Writing, he brings his obsessive love of comic book trivia, movie history and science fiction/fantasy writing to bear on the work he does.  Find Scott on Twitter

    Scott was published in the 2009 Comicbook Artists Guild anthology book 'Iconic'. You can download his 8 page story, 'George & The Monster" for free here:  George & The Monster 


    Ram:  Find Ram on Twitter

    David G.:  David is a writer/sometimes artist whose life has been shaped by TV, comic books and bad movies. Find his published work in "Back Issue!" magazine,,, and various comic anthologies. His first and only short film, "Connected," was released to some critical acclaim. David drew "Statuesque" for Manhattan Beach's "Easy Reader" and was a long-featured guest host on the 80s Cartoon Podcast.  Find David on Twitter