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    Sloan - 12 Days

    My favorite Canadian band covered a Christmas standard.  And it can be yours for a donation of your choice.

    Hear it Here.

    Tis the season.  Give big.



    Saw HUGO this weekend.

    Movie of the year?  A strong possible "maybe."  Visually, it doesn't get much better than this.  

     If this movie doesn't make the audience book a flight to Paris to learn clockmaking, I don't know what will.  Not since WATCHMEN have cogs looked so elegant.

    HUGO.  Go see it.


    Pull The Other One - Weekly pull list

    B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth Russia #3
    All Star Western #3
    Aquaman #3
    The Flash #3
    I, Vampire #3
    The Shade #2
    Richard Stark's Parker HC Martini Edition
    Alpha Flight #6
    Annihilators: Earthfall #3
    Astonishing X-Men #44
    Captain America and Bucky #624 
    Fantastic Four #600 
    Invincible Iron Man #510
    The Mighty Thor #8
    Secret Avengers #19
    Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #4
    The Sixth Gun #17


    Trailer: Elite Squad 2

    This trailer for the Brazilian film Elite Squad: The Enemy Within will blow you away. The film premiered in its home country October of 2010 and quickly became the nation’s highest-grossing film of all time. It’s easy to see why: tense action and thrilling intrigue set against one of the most crime-ridden areas in South America. Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is a sequel to the 2007 award-winning Elite Squad, also from writer/director José Padilha.

    Along with Wagner Moura, Irandhir Santos, André Ramiro, and Maria Ribero, the movie stars Seu Jorge, who readers might know from his turn as the guitar-playing, Bowie-centric musician from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004).

    The sprawling slum that surrounds Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous places on earth, so as the head of Rio's Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE), Captain Nascimento has seen his share of intense situations. When a BOPE mission to stop a jail riot ends in the violent death of a gang leader, Nascimento finds himself accused of a massacre but the citizens of Rio, tired of the crime and drugs that plague their city, embrace him as a national hero. Instead of being fired he finds himself promoted. In his powerful new position, Nascimento brings the gangs that rule the slum to their knees, but quickly discovers that he's only made things even easier for the dirty cops and corrupt politicians that are truly running the game. Now, Nascimento must confront his true enemies, who are much more dangerous and sitting just down the hall. 


    Hey Trekkies and Trekkers! Here's your chance to 'Be a Redshirt!' 

    IDW Publishing is partnering with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) and CBS Consumer Products to run a contest to win a featured spot on a Star Trek comic! As IDW puts it in their press release:

    Are you a comics fan who loves your local comics store? Are you willing to “die” to protect your retailer? Prove it, with the Star Trek “Be A Redshirt” contest! Starting today, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), IDW Publishing and CBS Consumer Products are giving Star Trek fans a chance to “Be a Redshirt” on the cover of an upcoming STAR TREK comic

    That's right, it's not just a contest for the fans, but also for their favorite comic book retailer. The winners of the contest will be drawn into the cover with the fan bravely throwing himself (in a red shirt, of course) in front of their shocked retailer to save them from a phaser blast. As they say, "The 'Be a Redshirt' contest is open to any comics reader who thinks their local retailer is the best in the business."

    Entering is as easy as could be, too! All you need to do is write an email:

    To enter the “Be A Redshirt” contest, fans must e-mail their explanation in 300 words or less about why their retailer is the best to IDW at with the subject: Save My Retailer. 

    For more information, jump on over to IDW or the CBLDF, and GOOD LUCK!