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    Pull The Other One - Weekly pull list

    There's a couple of items on the list that I'm pretty sure have already been cancelled (I'm looking at you Marvel's All-Winner Squad!), and I'm more than a little upset about that. I will say , I'm very curious/hopeful for Hawken #1 from comic book Legend Tim Truman and his son, Ben. Here's the blurb:

    Tim Truman returns to the Weird West! The industry legend teams with his son, writer Ben Truman, for a violent new tale of the supernatural! In the land of the lawless rode the soulless! Scout, hunter, raider, killer-for-hire: Kitchell Hawken has been many things-most of them bad. Scalped, tortured, and left for dead by the mysterious order called the Ring, Hawken returns, seeking vengeance...but surrounded by the ghosts of every person he's ever killed! Are the phantoms real, or illusions from Hawken's blood-soaked past?

    For those of you not familiar with Tim Truman, Go now and look up his dystopian western comic Scout from the 80s as well his work on Airboy, Hawkworld and many, many others.

    Here's the pull list:

    Batman #3
    Catwoman #3
    Green Lantern Corps #3
    Justice League #3
    Legion of Super-Heroes #3
    Nightwing #3
    Red Hood and the Outlaws #3
    Supergirl #3
    Wonder Woman #3
    Hawken #1
    Mudman #1
    Severed #4
    All Winners Squad: Band of Heroes #6
    Avengers #19
    Avengers Academy #22
    Avengers Origins: Luke Cage #1
    Captain America #4
    Fear Itself #7 Point Three #3
    Fear Itself: Fearless #3
    Legion of Monsters #2
    Six Guns #2
    Thunderbolts #165
    Ultimate Comics X-Men #3
    X-Factor #227

    How's your pull list looking?


    IMMORTALS died quick

    Saw Tarsem's IMMORTALS last night.

    The man can frame a shot, that's for sure.  Story-wise, it meandered a bit and fell victim to a strong concern with self-image.

    Also saw the latest HAROLD & KUMAR - you know the one, the 3-D adventure.  After a couple of good jokes and recalls to the previous movies later, the film's over.  Like most pot (I imagine), if you get the weak stuff, the high wears off quickly and leaves you wondering where your 80 minutes went.



    Saw ANONYMOUS last weekend.

    A little too on the nose with the literary origins of characters and events in Shakespeare's plays.  And filmmakers, making Christopher Marlowe offer a Faustian deal is the opposite of subtle.  It's like if there was a Beatles biopic and someone sees a struggling Paul McCartney at the piano and says to him, "Paul, you just gotta let that be..."

    But it was sure was purty.


    Pull The Other One - Weekly pull list

    The Fear Itself follow-up books are starting to pile up around here. I'm not sure I need to have an in-depth look at how the events of the miniseries affected El Aguila or whether the Great Lakes Initiative/Avengers/Champions/X-Men had to fight off a ballpeen hammer-wielding Man-Mountain Marko

    Here's the pull list:

    Baltimore: The Curse Bells #4
    The Occultist #1
    Orchid #2
    Batgirl #3 
    Batman and Robin #3
    Batwoman #3
    Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #3
    Green Lantern #3
    Legion Lost #3
    Suicide Squad #3
    Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #2
    Battle Scars #1
    Casanova: Avaritia #3
    Fear Itself #7 Point Two #2
    Legion of Monsters #2
    Magneto: Not A Hero #1
    New Avengers #18
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4
    X-Men: Legacy #258

    How's your pull list looking?


    Pull The Other One - Weekly pull list

    What am I looking forward to this week? I'll tell you: Six Guns #1! I'm a sucker for a Western, whether in movies OR comics, and this modern take on Marvel's Old West characters looks like a rip-snorter. With Andy Diggle (The Losers, Hellblazer) writing and artwork by David Gianfelice, I think they've got a really solid team of creators behind this book. 

    Here's the pull list:

    7 Warriors #1
    The Rinse #3
    Action Comics #3
    Animal Man #3
    Men of War #3
    OMAC #3
    Stormwatch #3
    Swamp Thing #3
    The Boys #60
    Cold War #2
    Invincible #84
    Moriarty #6
    Next Issue Project #3 (crack Comics #63)
    Our Love Is Real (One-Shot)
    Avengers 1959 #3
    Avengers Academy #21
    Fear Itself #7 Point One #1
    Fear Itself: The Fearless #2
    Moon Knight #7
    Six Guns #1
    Uncanny X-Men #1 X-Men: Regenesis
    Villains For Hire Point One #1

    What did you think of this week's books?!