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    The WTO podcast: DC's New 52 Week One

    We're joined this week by two guest hosts: Dom Gazzuolo from 365 Days of Comics and Shane Houghton, writer of Image Comics' Reed Gunther! With Dom coming from the moaning masses of Marvel Zombies and Shane a relative neophyte to the DC dimension, we thought they were the perfect guests to gauge how well this first week of releases met the mark:

    Are they new-reader friendly? Is this more of the same or something new and different? Would we recommend them? Will we be back for issue 2?

    Listen | MP3 Podcast - 64mb


    The WTO podcast: Flashpoint or Flash-In-The-Pan?

    The last week of August marked an end and a beginning for DC Comics. An end to the 5-issue Flashpoint miniseries, An end to the old continuity for its universe and characters. An end to the waiting and whining from fanboys over what this new rebooted DCnU would be.

    A beginning for a new Justice League brought to you by the words of Geoff Johns and the art of Jim Lee. And a beginning to WTO's series of reviews of every #1 issue from DC's big 52 relaunch. In this episode WTO reviews Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 with hosts David and Scott!

    Listen | MP3 Podcast - 53mb


    Final Hour, Crisis on Zero Earths – The LA Geek Podcast

    DC decides to reboot their universe, so we decided to reboot ours! This is the first episode that we roll out OUR NEW NAME! Tune in and hear what it is! Along with that we get into the DC reboot, what it means to us, the state of the comics industry and a little gambling on each new title from the first 16 DC announced last week.

    Listen | MP3 Podcast - 70mb