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    Pull The Other One - Weekly pull list

    Okay, by now I should really call this post the Weekly Bought List. What can I say, holiday weekends and a signing at The Comic Bug just got in the way.

    Last night at the comic shop was great! Inkers Scott Koblish (OMAC) and Ryan Winn (Detective) were in the house signing and doing sketches for the fans. Great guys both. Hopefully we can look forward to having one or both of them come in to the studio for a sitdown interview!

    Now, keep in mind that the Way Too Opinionated crew is actually getting every #1 of the DCnU 52 to review week by week, so the pull list this week only reflects those number one issues that I specifically bought for myself. Here goes:

    Action Comics #1
    Animal Man #1
    Batgirl #1
    Detective Comics #1
    Justice League International #1
    Men of War #1
    OMAC #1
    Stormwatch #1
    Swamp Thing #1
    The Boys #58
    50 Girls 50 #4
    Annihilators: Earthfall #1
    Casanova: Avaritia #1
    Heroes For Hire #11
    Moon Knight #5
    New Avengers Annual #1
    Red Skull #3
    Thunderbolts #163
    X-Factor #224.1

    How'd I do?